Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fr. Jay Toborowsky
was recently in Rome and met with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. He is the host of a weekly radio program Proclaim the Good News produced in his diocese (Metuchen, NJ). Father Jay is also the co-author with Father Ken Brighenti and myself on the recent book, John Paul II for Dummies. This book is currently being translated in Polish just as our first book Catholicism for Dummies has been translated into Spanish (and Dutch, German, French). Fr. Toborowsky also has his own blog,
Young Fogeys. The three of us just produced a weekly series for EWTN entitled CRASH COURSE IN POPE JOHN PAUL II.
Father Brighenti and I presented a copy of JP2 for Dummies (Sep. 2006). He called us 'young' American priests. (ex cathedra ???)
He also remembered our other books which we had given him when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger (Catholicism for Dummies, Women in the Bible for Dummies, Everything Bible Book, 101 Things Everyone Should Know About the Bible, Catholicism Answer Book)

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