Sunday, July 27, 2008

Class, Real Class

Magnificent vestments worn by the Roman Pontiff in Sydney

a REAL nun (what we called a R.N. in the seminary, as opposed to an L.P.N., i.e., 'Likes to Play Nun': no veil, no habit)


GoodForm said...

RN - I love it.
I like to say "uninhabited" for the habitless nuns.

Fr. Jay Toborowsky said...

In my generation, "L.P.N." stood for "Lapel Pin Nun".

Anonymous said...

As an R.N. this made me chuckle.. would that make an L.V.N. a "lost the veil nun?"
great pictures of Pope Benedict, Father, God Bless you both!

~~~mary said...

Oh, Father...
I didn't just get a chuckle out the R.N./L.P.N. part of the post - I actually laughed aloud. Thanks for the laugh - and the beautiful pictures of the Holy Father! Peace. ~~~mary

Anonymous said...

actually she is not a nun... she is a members of a secular institute (Daughters of MAry I believe) Schoenstatt Movement.

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