Monday, September 08, 2008

Logic 101

Senator Joe Biden should get his money back from his alma mater since they evidently did not teach him real and true philosophy. His argument on Meet the Press was a complete fallacy. Truth is the correspondence of our intellect and reality.

Empirical truth is the proper object of science which employs observation and experimentation.
Rational truth is the proper object of philosophy known by using human reason.
Theological truth is the proper object of religion and is rooted in divine revelation known by faith.

While theologians from different denominations and religions can argue and debate on the immortality of the soul, objectively speaking, the Natural Moral Law is known by REASON and not by faith. Hence, the intrinsic evil of a moral act can and is known by any human person since it is self-evident. While it is true that the Bible and the Magisterium condemn certain acts as sinful, even an atheist or agnostic cannot dispute the innate wickedness of moral evils like murder, rape, genocide, etc.

Senator Biden erroneously claims that only faith informs us about the sacrosanct nature of the human soul from the moment of conception. If it were only known by faith (like the dogma of the Trinity or the Incarnation), then of course, this cannot be imposed on all citizens since not everyone espouses the same religion. On the other hand, as the post WWII war crimes trial in Nuremberg proved, most moral truths are known by reason alone even when reaffirmed and reiterated by divine revelation. Hence, no Nazi soldier or general could claim exemption to incurring moral guilt whenever they engaged in outright mass murder vis-a-vis the Holocaust. Ethical behavior for human beings is based on the law written in the heart and knowable by reason. St. Paul admits this in his own epistle (Romans 2:14). The pagan (pre-Christian Roman) philosopher Cicero stated in his De Republica:

There is truly a law which is right reason, fitted to our nature, proclaimed to all men, constant, everlasting. It calls to duty by commanding and deters from wrong by forbidding ... It can neither be evaded nor amended nor wholly abolished. No decree of the Senate or people can free us from it. No explainer nor interpreter of it need be sought but itself. There will not be found one law at Rome and another in Athens, one now and another later, rather one law, everlasting and unchangeable, extending to all nations and all times, with one common teacher and ruler of all.

Abortion has been consistently condemned since the Apostolic era (cf. the Didache, circa 50 AD) and formally defined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992) in #2271. Yet, Senator Biden claims that protecting the lives of unborn human babies is an imposition of religious beliefs on others who may not share our religious tenets. If morality were ONLY know via faith and revelation, then he would be right. HOWEVER, Nuremberg proved that morality is also if not primarily known via the natural law and by the use of reason. Otherwise, how could anyone enact civil laws forbidding slavery, segregation, apartheid, genocide, etc.? Is slavery a moral evil ONLY because Christianity says so? The Supreme Court at one time legalized slavery (Dred Scott decision in 1857) and explicitly stated that African-American slaves were not and could never become U.S. citizens. The majority opinion said that laws which freed slaves violated the Fifth Amendment since it deprived slave owners of their legal PROPERTY. It took the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments (and a Civil War) to defend the inalienable rights of black persons.

Biden and Pelosi and others maintain that another Supreme Court decision has precedence, Roe v. Wade. Biden goes so far as to say anti-abortion laws or amendments would violate the 'privacy' clause of the Fourth Amendment. See any similarity between Roe v. Wade and Dred Scott v. John Sanford? Both claimed to have jurisdiction over human persons (the former over black Americans, the latter over unborn Americans). Both denied the inalienable rights of certain human beings.

Slavery had been legal and is now considered un-Constitutional. Abortion is now legal and must also be declared un-Constitutional. The same Natural Moral Law and the same human reason which every sane human person possesses knows that it is wrong, it is immoral and it is evil to treat a whole race or a whole class of people as less than human. Whether black or white, born or unborn, believer or atheist, liberal or conservative, democrat, liberal or independent, all human beings have human rights, and the first and foremost is the right to life.

Fascism is a political philosophy that refuses to recognize the dignity and sanctity of the person and which glorifies the State. It is not fascism to end slavery, segregation, apartheid or abortion, even if there are some citizens who erroneously believe these are legitimate enterprises. Fascism is when the government forces doctors, nurses and health care personnel to provide facilities and procedures for abortion even when those medical people have conscientious objections.

His clan is being fascist when they force an immoral activity to be treated as a legally protected activity. No one is imposing religious doctrines when they condemn the evil of abortion anymore than one could accuse Martin Luther King, Jr., of being doctrinairre when he called for an end to racism and segregation. While he had spiritual reasons and motives, he also had moral and ethical ones rooted in REASON which no human being could refute. Likewise, Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, Giuliani, and Ridge (et al.) need to see that abortion has no rights, only human beings have rights. They come from our Creator and they are they are part of our nature, hence, no religion and no branch of government can ever take them away.

PRIVACY clauses are no different from PROPERTY clauses. Human beings are NOT property and their murder is not a private matter. Unborn babies are human just as are African-American, European-American, and Asian-American children and adults. Catholics who disagree are violating the Natural Law AND the Divine Law and should NOT approach nor receive Holy Communion.


Anonymous said...


Trubador said...

Maybe Tom Brokaw can interview a "Catholic" politician each week so that afterwards they each can get a nice little theological smack down from Chaput & the other bishops: Pelosi, Biden, Giuliani, Ridge, Kennedy, Kerry, even squishy Bob Casey Jr.

Then Brokaw can start interviewing the one's that actually "get it", like Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele, Rick Santorum and Sam Brownback.

Anonymous said...


Fr., Would it be possible to sue an institution if you found out later they were teaching false information, say like some of the Catholic Colleges?

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Amen Father, Amen!

Dan L. said...

Yes, Father T., you are so absolutely "on" with your blog post, here.

We support you, we love you,

--Dan L., and family, Southern California

Dawn said...

Keep up the great work Father!

radio45 said...

Let us not forget each person's role in this country. What is the role of legislators and what is the role of religious. Do the religious (priests, pastors, bishops, cardinals) have a role in this country at all? I would argue they do. Their role completes the role of legislators and is unique one in this country. What was Martin Luther King's role in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This law created sweeping changes in abolishing segregation in the country. They, in fact, were so sweeping that they changed the solid south from blue (Democrat) to red (Republican). What was Dr. King's role in this change? Did he force legislators to act? I propose Dr. King, along with other advocates for civil rights at the time, changed the hearts and minds of the American people. Yes, the 14th ammendment freed the slaves, but it was only passed because the south had no vote on the matter. And after the Civil War, when all the Republicans left the South, the region went back to segregation, some would even say defacto salvery, staying that way for another 100 years. It was not till hearts and minds of the country were changed in the 1960's by Dr. Martin Luther King that true laws came into being.

As long as a majority of Americans believe that life begins at the first breath and ends at the last, it will be impossible to get the legislation needed to end legal abortion. Indeed I do not think even with legislation, that abortion will ever end in this country. Even at the height of the depression, abortions were indeed being carried out.

What I mean to say is this. The role of religious, Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish is to focus their work on changing the hearts and minds of Americans to see that most Americans believe that life begins at conception. They need to understand that until this fundemental change occurs, demanding legislation against abortion is futile. I have been against capital punishment for over 30 years. Yet I have come to understand that my role in abolishing capital punishment is through prayer and changing hearts one at a time. I also must accept the fact that most Americans do not share in my disdain for this form of correction, and maybe never will. But my world view goes beyond one issue. I also know there are limitations on legislation when the majority of the citizens share a different view than mine.

Can the hand do the work of the foot? Can the hand say, "I wish to be a foot today" or "why can't the foot take me where I will be more useful?" No! The hand and foot together accomplish the work of the body. So must religious understand and act in unison with their role in government. A Pastor cannot legislate from the pulpit any more than a legislator can make Catholicism the national religion. And when a pastor or bishop or cardinal seeks to force legislation from the pulpit, the belie their place in the Body of Christ and they are abdicating their role in government. They miss the fundemental fact that without their leadership in their role, abortions will continue and that acting within their role they can cause an end to abortions even if Roe v. Wade stands as law forever!

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