Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BRAVO Bishop Martino

Bishop Joseph Martino
of Scranton, PA (where Senator Joe Biden was born), popped-in at a parish presidential election forum where the debate was on whether or not Catholics could vote for a Pro-Choice candidate. While 1/4 left the meeting in a huff once His Excellency clearly stated Catholic principles for moral voting at election time, the remaining 3/4 gave him a standing ovation.

Like Archbishop Burke and Archbishop Chaput, Bishop Martino did not mince words nor did he equivocate Catholic doctrine or morality. He spoke boldly as a bishop should and spoke with the proper authority of one who has the fullness of the priesthood and who was consecrated as a successor of the Apostles. He also pointed out that he is the chief shepherd in his diocese, not the USCCB.

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Deo volente said...

Father John,

I second your "Bravo." His Excellency IS the Shepherd in his Diocese and no bureaucracy that goes along to get along has the right to countermand his letter to his flock. I have been waiting for one staunch Ordinary to buck the system and to withdraw from the USCCB. Perhaps we may have finally found such a one.


Lynne said...

I can't keep track of all the thank you notes I should be sending to all the US bishops who are speaking the Truth. This is wonderful!

Kathy said...

God bless Bishop Martino!!!

Andreae said...

Three cheers in Heaven for Bishop Martino. He's a true shepherd who will speak the Truth, even it's unpopular. God bless him

Jackie Parkes said...

Great news!

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