Friday, October 17, 2008

Catholic Vote


Here is an EXCELLENT video which SHOULD be broadcast on every television station (cable and satellite).  BRAVO to the producers.

Yesterday I attended the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Banquet in Harrisburg.  The keynote speaker was Michael Clancey, a photographer who took pictures of an in utero operation to correct Spina Bifida in an unborn child (21 weeks old, since conception).  During the procedure, the 'fetus' as he was called by the secular media, literally reached out and grabbed the surgeon by his little hand.  Baby Samuel was no blob of tissue nor was he merely a fetus or embryo.  He was then what he is now, a human person who reaches out to others.  This photo was originally taken for USA Today.  It is VERY graphic but it is also poignant. No one can view this and doubt that we are dealing with a WHO and not a WHAT when it comes to the unborn.


Anonymous said...

One issue that I have here - why do we just focus on Catholics. There are numerous pro-life Protestants yet we ignore them. Sure, their beliefs differ from ours, but as life is so important, should we not engage with them on this issue? Whether we do it unwittingly or not, we make Protestants believe that life is a "Catholic" issue and they are offended by it as a lot of them are as prolife as we are. Let us be ecumenical here - we are so much stronger together than apart.

Padre Giovanni Trigilio said...

As a Catholic priest, I speak to my own people as Protestant Ministers speak to theirs. I agree that Pro-Life issues are not limited to Catholic or Protestant, Christian or Jewish. These are HUMAN RIGHTS we are defending but the laity are better suited to bridge the divide between denominations as fellow citizens. No one is preventing YOU and others to reach out and build alliances with our brothers and sisters of other faiths.

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