Saturday, November 22, 2008



Fr Z has an excellent video on his blog.  I URGE all responsible and respectable Catholics to mobilize this year and aim for a MILLION (1,000,000) MEMBER attendance for the March for Life, January 22, 2009.  The new President will be sworn into office a few days earlier and there is a good chance that the Democrats will have a filibuster-proof Congress as well.  If so, FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) will be inevitable.  Since so many good intentioned but misguided Catholic Christians voted for Barak Obama in this recent election, we need to demonstrate our staunch and unequivocal PRO-LIFE stand.  Yes, we are NON-VIOLENT and yes, we will show proper respect to our lawful civil authorities, from the President to the Governor and so on.  Nevertheless, we must SHOW our SOLIDARITY now more than ever.

URGE your pastor, parochial vicar, principal, fellow parishioners, friends, family members, etc., to plan NOW to attend the MARCH FOR LIFE in Washington, DC, January 22, 2009.  You know that the Inauguration will get historic and record numbers in attendance.  It would be an embarrassing shame if we could not equal or surpass that number for the the March for Life.  This is NOT an anti-Obama demonstration.  The election is over and he is our legitimate national leader.  We must PRAY for him and we must show respect and civil obedience.  We also need to SHOW him and his colleagues that pro-lifers are NOT going away.  We will fight for the right of the unborn until all the unborn are SAFE.

Forget about expensive Christmas presents and elaborate New Year's Eve parties.  Make a point to attend the March for Life and let's get ONE MILLION people to attend this PEACEFUL and PRAYERFUL assembly for LIFE.  Unless you live too far away, are physically or economically prohibited, have to work, etc., I would seriously ask myself if I would be guilty of a sin of omission were I not to attend this March.  Only you, your conscience and the Good Lord can determine the answer to that question. If you are unable, PRAY for those of us who are going, encourage others to go and consider making a donation so that your parish Youth Group can take a bus and be there.  Like the civil rights marches during the lifetime of Dr. Martin Luther King, we NEED as many people as possible to be there to show Washington and the entire nation that this is a crucial issue.  This is far more important than billion dollar bailouts and stock market crashes.  This is the FUTURE of our world at stake.

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