Monday, December 08, 2008

Support the Grand Duke

Confraternity of Catholic Clergy
121 William St
Marysville, PA 17053
December 8th, 2008
Feast of the Immaculate Conception

H.R.H. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg
Palais Grand-Ducal
L-1728 Luxembourg

Your Royal Highness,

On behalf of the priests and deacons of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, I extend our deepest gratitude for your decision to veto a bill which would legalize euthanasia in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Your courageous move is not only a testimony of your Catholic Christian faith but is also the mark of a true, virtuous ruler who seeks only the common good for his people in accord with the well established Natural Moral Law. Defending the innocent lives of the unborn and the terminally ill is not just a religious matter, but is an ethical and moral one which all human beings are expected to know and embrace, regardless of race, creed, or political affiliation. One of the most poignant lessons of the Second World War was that the Nazi atrocities were totally indefensible since they violated both Natural and International Law, both rooted in reason and thus applicable to every man and woman of history, past, present or future. The precepts of the Divine Law which govern believers further affirms that human life is sacred and must be given the utmost respect and protection. Even the ancient pagan Greeks and Romans demonstrated an awareness of moral principles which transcend time, territory, culture and language; which neither Caesar, the Senate nor even the People could dissolve or disregard. This recognition and adherence to a Natural Moral Law differentiates human beings from all other creatures since it affirms a universal human nature which establishes natural rights to each person, and not given or created by any constitution or government.

We pledge our prayers and support for Your Highness for doing the right thing for the right reason. If all civil leaders would follow the same virtuous path of doing the morally correct thing (in this case, vetoing an immoral bill), our society, culture and civilization would not only endure but thrive as well.

May Our Divine Lord and His Blessed Mother be with you and the people of Luxembourg.

Sincerely Yours,

Rev. John Trigilio, Jr. (President)


Kit said...

Way to go, Father!

Dan L. said...

Fr. T.:

Royalty, a great human heritage, as important as it is, stands no ground against TRUTH. But, we know this, and, as you have importantly shown, you have shown us a truth servant.

--Dan L.

Anonymous said...

We pray that more World leaders follow the example of the Grand Duke. Is always refreshing for our Hope to see things like this happening in our world.
God bless

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