Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jane Wyman; 3rd Order Dominican

I saw this on the AD ALTARE DEI blogspot and could not resist sharing it here on Maundy Thursday evening:

Jane Wyman: Lay Dominican

When my pastor told me this morning that he had read that Jane Wyman (ex-wife of President Ronald Reagan) was a Third Order Dominican, I had to look it up myself. She was a convert to the Catholic Church and never remarried after the break-up of her last marriage. Sure enough, she made her profession as a Lay Dominican later in her life and was involved in several charitable causes related to the Church and to the Order. She was buried in the habit of the Order after she died in her sleep in 2007.


Sarah (JOT) said...

What a witness, yeah? I love coming across this kind of story. That's really neat!

Smiley said...

im sorry please tell me more about the history, did Ronald Regan divorce her and then she converted. ?

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