Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to Priest-School Week

While my classmate Father Ken Brighenti begins his new assignment this week on the faculty of Mount Saint Mary Seminary, it brings back memories of my twelve years of seminary formation (high school, college and major theology).

Some of my colleagues were blessed to attend such outstanding institutions as Mount Saint Marys (Emmitsburg, MD); Saint Joseph's Dunwoodie (Yonkers, NY); Saint Charles Borromeo in Overbrook (Philadelphia, PA).  Some attended less orthodox and more esoteric locations:


Some priests attended a "Country Club" seminary

while some attended a "Rock"


(either one better than a "pink palace")


Anonymous said...

Fr T,

Why is WEB OF FAITH not on EWTN any more? We want more Levis & Trigilio. We want more Web of Faith. Why don't you do more shows and other series? My family and I enjoy ANYTHING you talk about, just like Fr Groeschel or Fr Corapi. Who should we contact?

Padre Giovanni Trigilio said...

Please contact EWTN with your concerns. Fr Levis and I have no say or control over when our show is broadcast. The network decides when and if a show continues or is cancelled as well as who will host it.

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