Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bishop-Elect Bambera


Congratulations to our neighbor to the north of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Bishop-Elect Joseph Bambera will succeed retired Bishop Joseph Martino as the tenth Bishop of Scranton. AD MULTOS ANNOS. His Excellency attended my alma mater for major seminary as did Bishop William Skurla, Eparch of Passaic, NJ (Ruthenian Catholic). As Chaplain to the Italo-American Apostolate in the Diocese, I extend the well wishes of the Capital Area paesani to Bishop-Elect Bambera. I may ask him NEXT YEAR to be our Celebrant at the diocesan Italian Mass. We have one on Epiphany, San Giuseppe and the Assumption.

I told my mother in Erie about the news today since she is of Polish descent just like Bambera's mom while my dad (deceased) was Italian (actually, Sicilian, so don't forgetaboutit).

While Mount Saint Mary Seminary in Emmitsburg, MD, has the elegant moniker of being known as the 'cradle of bishops' every now and then some high caliber good men are found from other places. Now only three American dioceses are sede vacante and those of us in the Diocese of Harrisburg and praying and hoping for a repeat of the phenomenal and wonderful shepherd we previously had in Bishop Kevin Rhoades, now Ordinary of Fort Wayne-South Bend. Keep us in your prayers, please.

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Katherine said...

Many years! Hopefully this will bring peace and concord to the troubled Church of Scranton.

May the Holy Spirit also bring former Bishop Martino to a place where he can provide pastoral care for God's people.

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