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What Does The Prayer Really Say?»Blog Archive » Using the new translation “ad experimentum”

What Does The Prayer Really Say?»Blog Archive » Using the new translation “ad experimentum”

Although the actual English translation of the Roman Missal will not be available for public use in the USA until probably November-December 2011 (First Sunday of Advent), it would make tremendous good sense if the USCCB granted permission for priests to PRACTICE (from now until then) using the new text in 'private Masses' (i.e., Missa Sine Populo).

This would make the transition more smoothly and organic. If the first time the priest says the new verbiage is the first day the people hear it in church, it may be more awkward since many of us ordained post V2 have a lot of the Ordinary Form (alias Novus Ordo) pretty much memorized if not just well known by heart. While we still need the Sacramentary for the variable parts, many if not most priests are extremely well versed in the current English translation.

That does not mean that we like it, however. Me and my 500+ colleagues at the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (and our Australian brethren of the ACCC) eagerly and enthusiastically embrace and welcome the new and IMPROVED translation (thanks to Vox Clara and the efforts of His Eminence Cardinal Pell, et al.).

Our only desire, however, is to make the transition as painless as possible. We priests who are the celebrants of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass need time to PRACTICE before we implement with the entire congregation. The gestures and essence of the Ordinary Form remains the same but the exact verbiage has changed not just in 'and with your spirit' instead of 'and also with you.' The Eucharistic Prayers are the very heart and soul of the Mass. While substantially the same, the needed and welcome improvements will require time to LEARN as we have been using the current text for quite some time.

All we ask is that we be allowed to USE the new text in Masses celebrated without a congregation from now until the full and official day of total implememtation. Sounds like a reasonable request, does it not? Many of us have been practicing the Extraordinary Form by celebrating the Low Mass sine populo before doing it solo cum populo.

One obvious beneficial by-product will be for Advent 2011 is that BOTH priest and congregation will NEED to focus on the exact text in the Missal (and missalettes) since the verbiage is slightly new and both will need to say the words a little more SLOWLY, DELIBERATELY and of course with the improved translation, more ACCURATELY. This will impel a more REVERANT celebration of Mass. All too often where the priest knows the entire Mass by heart as well as his congregation, the SPEEED at which the words are pronounced tend be much more fast-paced than say someone who does not speak English as their first and primary language.

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Paul C said...

Man, you'd think this Church was eternal the way they certainly take their time about things! Definitely not a business!

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