Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Election 2012 (Official HD Version - Catholic)

Test of Fire: Election 2012 (Official HD Version - Catholic) - YouTube


Ruth said...

This is the most childish, idiotic thing I have ever seen. Grown up Catholics will consider all issues, understand the complexity of life, and vote accordingly. A big dramatic video of fire shooting off all the place is nonsense and no mature, intelligent person(which most Catholics are) will be influenced by it. Stuff like this is for babies who can't think for themselves. I am very pro life and stuff like this harms the issue, it dosen't help.

Glinda of Oz said...

I watched it 2X. At first I thought Ruth was harsh, but I basically agree. Not childish so much as lacking in substance. Very much like those CCHD ads in JAMA. Both are a [probably expensive] waste of money & time. What audience is being targeted?

Padre Giovanni Trigilio said...

I respectfully disagree. A large portion of the electorate, Catholic and non-Catholic, sadly are more influenced by symbolism rather than substance. We are addicted to sound bytes and slogans. Lots of voices in the media today, left and right, but they, too, are addicted to bumper sticker discussion, i.e., a few minutes at most, then on to the next item.

Discussion and debate can and ought to be frequent, civil and substantial. Yet, elections are permeated by one-liners and the like.

Even the so-called debates are too controlled and constricted.

This is why we accommodate to the commercials, You-Tubes, Facebook and Twitter et al. Not because they are the best means but because they are the most influential and successful in our modern culture.

I long for the days of watching Firing Line with William F Buckley and the McLaughlin Group every Sunday afternoon. Even Crossfire with Pat Buchanan had more meat than the fluff we get today.

I did not find the video patronizing or condescending. It is what it is, namely an APPETIZER. It is NOT the entree or main course.

Genea28 said...

Excellent video!! God Bless you for posting it Father!!

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