Monday, August 27, 2012


Very dear friends of mine needs your prayers. Their daughter is less than 8 mo. pregnant and her water broke this morning. PLEASE pray for the mom and her unborn son this today. They are a very devout young couple and are exemplary Catholics. The mother is like the niece I never had since none of my brothers ever married or had children. I am praying to Saint Monica on her feast today as she was a mother and is the patroness of persevering prayer.


Kelly said...

Prayers forthcoming! +JMJ+

EllaM said...

Our family will pray for them tonight. St. Gianna, please pray for them too.

Vincenzo said...


Padre Giovanni Trigilio said...

Baby Joshua Joseph was born on September 1st at slightly more than 4.5 lbs

He is in NICU now and on respirator but is stable and showing improvement. He stills needs our prayers as do his mom and dad

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