Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cardinal Arinze: True Liturgical Reform Must be in Continuity with Tradition and Faithful to Rubrics

NAIROBI (CNA) - Francis Cardinal Arinze, the Church’s “liturgist-in-chief,” recently made a speech at an African university in which he criticized liturgical abuses and protested Masses where the recklessly innovative priests act as “Reverend Showman”.

The Cardinal discussed sentiments that cause errors in worship, such as regarding everyone as an expert in liturgy, extolling spontaneity and creativity to the detriment of approved rites and prayers, seeking immediate popular applause or enjoyment, and ignoring approved liturgical texts. He said that liturgical abuses were often due to an ignorance that rejects elements of worship whose deeper meaning is not understood or whose antiquity is not recognized. Cardinal Arinze clarified the nature of the reforms of Vatican II, saying they must be seen as continuous with the past rather than as a dramatic break. “The Catholic Church is the same before and after Vatican II. It isn’t another Church,” he said.



Tim Terhune said...

God bless Cardinal Arinze!

And you as well Father, for the
great work you are doing. Thank

- Tim

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I love his honesty. He's always so sincere when he talks. He gives "the smackdown" with a big smile on his face and a genuine love in his heart for his fellow man.

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