Friday, March 21, 2008

Roman Days Are Here Again

A Blast From the Past (and here to stay!!!)


Anonymous said...

Our dearest Pope Benedict is slowly bringing back what should have never been deleted in the first place--yet, everything is in God's loving Providence.
Sometimes we have to be starving to realize how much we need food. We have had so much stripped from the Liturgy, the Churches, we realize what has been taken from us--the wonder of it as it is slowly being restored is so powerful. Tears easily flow from my eyes to hear the chant, to see the taber nacle being put back in its proper place in some Churches (iinstead of stuck in a closet).


Dan L. said...

I am truly hopeful of the return of our tabenacles to where they belong (at least here in the USA) is going to happen.

Happy Easter, Father!

--Dan L.

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