Sunday, April 20, 2008

Arrivaderci, Papa Benedetto

Pope Benedict leaves the United States after a fantastic but brief visit. His detractors were proved wrong when they predicted at his election that the Ratz-weiler would bark and growl at anyone who dared defied his authority. The perennial gentleman, B16 never felt it necessary to bully anyone. His papacy is the same as his priesthood, his episcopacy and his cardinalate. The strength of his arguments, rooted in philosophical and theological truths are what conquer the weak errors of his opponents. He has no need to resort to some German caricature of a goose-stepping soldier yelling commands to subordinates. Joseph Ratzinger and Benedict XVI are the same man and he continues to act as he has always acted, with SINCERITY and with HONESTY. As Prefect for the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he vigorously defended the precious gems and jewels of the Magisterium, i.e., the Deposit of Faith. He did this because he loves the Truth and ultimately, God is truth as much as God is love.

What I found offensive this week is the hint of conspiracy. Evidently, someone in the press has learned that a few prominent and notorious Catholic politicians who openly and obstinately support abortion were not only given Holy Communion, but allegations are that they were pre-arranged to do so. In other words, some priest or God forbid some bishop, made provisions so that John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi were told beforehand which priest to approach and thus be given Holy Communion without any hesitation or hinderance.

It is reprehensible that any politician who knows that the Holy Father has previously stated that anyone who openly supports and persists in supporting abortion in a public manner are ineligible to receive Holy Communion, would disregard this and casually take Communion anyway. Worse yet, however, is the clergy or prelate who premeditatively arranged such a sacrilege. Bad enough that a Catholic politician defies canon law, but it is contemptuous at least to have an ordained minister participate in such a defilement of the Most Blessed Sacrament. I have more patience and respect for a priest or bishop who is caught off guard or who acts even out of fear when a notorious pro-abortion politician approaches seeking Holy Communion. At least we can blame human weakness or MISGUIDED COMPASSION as Mother Angelica used to call it. When it is premeditated; when it is pre-arranged and pre-approved by an ordained minister; then it is REPREHENSIBLE.

Why not the effort and time spent on convincing the defiant politicians to NOT go to Holy Communion out of respect for the Sacrament and respect for the Pope? No, the effort went into the skullduggery and cloak-and-dagger of puuling the wool over the eyes of the Pontiff. SHAME. The same secret and clandestine behavior which made the clergy sex scandal what is was is happening again. Instead of dealing with a problem head on and instead of boldy standing up for what it right and against what is wrong, we have the resort to the old way of doing things: sweep it under the carpet. Pretend nothing is wrong and maybe nobody will notice.

Did anyone of the conspirators think for one second that the media would miss such a duplicity? If viewers of EWTN can identify Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry, so can viewers on CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS. These two openly pro-abortion politicians could have been persuaded to quietly sit out Communion. No, they were encouraged to go to Communion, according to reports revealing themselves as the Pontiff leaves for Italy. MATERIAL COOPERATION in evil, plain and simple, if anyone advised or coordinated the giving of Holy Communion to these notorious pro-abortion politicians.

If a Catholic who is in an invalid marriage and is in need of an annulment in order to have the current relationship convalidated, he or she is ineligible to receive Holy Communion. Imagine if someone said, "just go to Father X's line and he'll give you Communion." No different than giving Communion to a politician who supports abortion. Both should not take the sacrament (for different reasons, of course). What about the non-Catholic who merely wants to join the crowd at Communion time? Do we not have some restrictions on WHO can go to Communion?

I have seen Catholics defy Church doctrines and disciplines go to Communion regularly. I preach that such activity is wrong and should cease. Problem is that these people can and will find another priest or another bishop, another parish or another diocese and do what they want to do anyway.

Recall the Gospel injunction against leading others astray, 'better to have millstone tied around your neck and be thrown into the sea" than to lead one soul down the wrong path. Whoever was involved in this trasvesty should repent, recant and repair the damage done. Things can be done PROPERLY and yet DISCREETLY and PRUDENTLY. There is never any need to resort to subtegfuge and deceit in a false claim of making the best of a bad situation.

Otherwise, the papal trip was a success IMHO. The Pope spoke to the UN, to America, to Catholics and to non-Catholics, to clergy and to laity, to youth and to us all. He gave us reason to be PROUD and HOPEFUL as Catholic Christians. He did not come as a policeman but as our Holy FATHER. But he NEEDS all of us to help him. Mostly, if we LISTEN and OBEY the Will of God, no matter how difficult, how painful, how inconvenient.


Anonymous said...

Not only do I agree with the comments made, I want to add that I reluctantly had to give a bit of respect to one of those "Catholics" that foster non-catholic views. There clearly on EWTN at National Stadium was Senator Kennedy sitting alone in a row of empty seats. The entire row was off in the communion line and he did as he ought and did not present himself for communion.

Padre Giovanni Trigilio said...

Yes, give him his due. Senator Kennedy conspicuously did NOT go to Holy Communion while his notorious colleages Kerry and Pelosi, did defiantly go up. Although we repudiate Kennedy's abortion stand, I can still respect his respect for our church laws and thus voluntarily refusing Communion to himself. He has more integrity for that one act than his associates who openly show contempt by presenting themselves for Communion.

Thomas L. said...

Well, for a second I had a newfound respect for Senator Kennedy and then I read this:

Padre Giovanni Trigilio said...

Sadly, I read the news about Senator Kennedy. Obviously, there was indeed a conspiracy by some clerics to give Holy Communion to these notorious pro-abortion politicians. They may have fooled B16 while he was here, but the Almighty above knows who did what.

Son said...

I really hope that the conspiracy turns out to be a false rumor...the media loves defiance, incendiary politics, and Church scandals...God knows they're still milking the previous cow for all she's worth.

What you wrote really resonated with me, especially after coming out of mass last Sunday and hearing this from the priest: "I know many of you might have been away from the Church and are here to celebrate this very sacred First Communion because you're very proud of these young boys and girls. You probably haven't gone to confession and I would say unless there's something really out of the ordinary, please don't hesitate to come to join us around the table of the Lord. Just make sure you make an act of contrition and go to confession within 1,2,3 weeks...whenever you can"

Hmm...I was somewhat perplexed. The words "mortal sin" never made an appearance. There also did not seem to be "grave reason." What are your thoughts?

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