Monday, April 21, 2008

Boycott HBO

WARNING: very graphic and offensive language below. All of it originates from one source, Bill Maher. Nothing has been done to censure him or cancel his show. Don Imus was properly reprimanded for his racist remarks about the ladies basketball team from Rutgers.

Bill Maher spews out similar hate-language against Catholicism and nothing happens. Had Maher issued similar insults against Islam or Judaism, he would have been fired the next day. Anti-Catholicism remains the last vestige of politicall correct prejudice.

Please contact HBO and cancel your monthly subscription until Maher is FIRED once and for all.

If your stomach can tolerate the filth, read what he recently said on the air. Both quotations are enough to warrant a total and complete ban. It would be a sin of ommision were a Catholic to stand by and say nothing. Repudiate Maher and denounce his show.

Bill Maher just recently compared the Texas Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints scandal and its latest alleged abuse with the sexual abuse scandal that rocked the Catholic Church in the United States in 2002. "I'd like to tip off law enforcement to an even larger child-abusing religious cult," Maher told his audience. "Its leader also has a compound, and this guy not only operates outside the bounds of the law, but he used to be a Nazi and he wears funny hats."

On his May 18, 2007 edition of "Real time with Bill Maher," the host compared Holy Communion to homosexual oral sodomy and called for turning homosexuality into a religion. "Gay men, don't say you're life-partners, say you're a nunnery of two," said Maher. "We weren't having sex officer, I was performing a very private Mass, here in my car. I was letting my rod and my staff comfort him. Take this and eat of it, for this is my roommate, Barry. ... "


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Chances are, HBO won't fire Maher (though if enough people actually cancel, they might just for the purposes of keeping the bottom line where they want it). Honestly, I am pretty sure that his anti-Catholicism was well-known enough before they gave him his show and that HBO simply doesn't care. But you're spot on saying that if it were Muslims it wouldn't have ever happened. I believe it's Mark Shea who points out that this kind of garbage happens precisely because we don't riot in the streets and issue decrees that Maher should be executed.

There hasn't been much on that channel that I'd want to watch in eons. Most of it is sex, violence, sex, anti-Christian sentiments, sex, and violence. ugh.

Naturally, we should also pray for Bill Maher, since he's a fallen away Catholic. (Is it bad that it occurs to me that our prayers for him are probably most annoying from his perspective?)

God bless you, Father.

The Byzantine Rambler said...

Unfortunately, I cancelled HBO over a year ago. With filth like this, I almost would sign up just to cancel it again in protest.

Of course, the sad truth, as everyone knows, is that with scant few exceptions (e.g., EWTN), television is no longer safe for Christian viewers.

What is needed is prayer. Cancel the service, yes; but also pray. We need prayer and the intercession of the saints to save this corrupt and dying culture. If not, we stand like St Augustine watching the rising tide of barbarity continue its destructive course. Then again, perhaps that is precisely where we do stand. Perhaps that is part of the Holy Father's message that needs more of our attention.

Anonymous said...

I have learned that prayer is our best protection and requesting intercession from the saints is powerful. Pray for Maher, it will drive the spirits within him that are not of the Holy Spirit crazy!

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