Sunday, April 20, 2008


Mother Angelica celebrates her 85th birthday
ad multos annos
God grant her many years

As Pope Benedict XVI leaves the USA for Rome tonight, it behooves us to publicly thank Mother Angelica for founding EWTN. Her international Catholic network of television, satellite, radio, internet and short-wave paved the way for Pope John Paul the Great and now Pope Benedict to fully use broadcast media to its full extent. Before EWTN, we could only rely on the sporadic and not so objective eye of the secular media to cover Papal events. Even with cable and satellite, we were limited to CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc. Since the advent of the Eternal Word Television Network, we have FULL and unbiased, untainted and unadulterated coverage of papal visits, World Youth Day and other critical events involving the Successor of Saint Peter. Despite the ad hominem attacks, slander, and often diabolical lies thrown upon her sterling reputation, Mother Angelica has endured and survived her opponents and hostile enemies. Sady, some of her most vituperative attackers have come not from the secular media, but from within our holy church. How pathetic that any priest, bishop, deacon or religious feels it justified to villify a nun who has consecrated her entire life to our holy religion. How cowardly to attack a holy woman dedicated to spreading the true teachings and doctrines of Catholicism. Too often, I have heard clergy make not only uncharitable but downright obscene and heinous comments about Reverend Mother mereley because they object to her simple, honest and unabridged defense of the truth. "By their fruits, ye shall know them." Look at the extent of EWTN today. Look at how many people around the world know B16 and his writings thanks to EWTN. Not just global exposure but in depth coverage. Rather than sound-bytes, EWTN gives us fullness and accuracy when it comes to Vatican news and papal teachings. Catholic Culture itself, from music to literature, from history to theology, philosophy and art, are all given air space on EWTN.


Anonymous said...

Even those who dislike EWTN for whatever reason surely must agree that the coverage they provide is a great blessing!

EWTN is not perfect but so obviously has far exceeded any attempt the bishops' conference has made at television programming.

I once heard a bishop denigrate Mother Angelica during a homily! I was appalled. I'll let him remain nameless . . .

Happy Birthday, Mother Angelica!

Fr. Larry Gearhart said...

My best wishes to Mother Angelica.

Although I agree with the general trend of your comments about the excellent coverage of papal visits, etc. I confess to being disappointed by the unnecessary and, in my view unjustified, interpretation by Fr. Neuhaus on "The World Over" which characterized the Pope's opening speech on the White House lawn as justifying the current Administration's decision to retain a military mission in Iraq until justice and democracy are established.

I must admit that it is probably enormously difficult to refrain entirely from such partisan interpretations during such a highly contested election year.

Padre Giovanni Trigilio said...

Just learned that CNN Wolf Blitzer and NBC Tim Russert were two of ten special media guests who had a private audience with B16 at Catholic University. Some bureaucrat at the USCCB must have cooked up this photo-op. Ironically, no prominent Catholic reporter (like Raymond Arroyo or Joan Lewis) were invited. Would have been nicer had a live satellite feed been hooked up so the Pontiff could chat with Mother Angelica whose health prevented her from leaving Alabama. I think she has done more for Catholicism and more for wholesome media than Blitzer or Russert.

Finolafromcal said...

Mother Angelica is the Best, God Love her!

She still makes me smile as I listed to Mother Angelica Classics on Ave Maria Radio (San Francisco area). I agree with you Father completely - what is there not to like about a lady who has been a tireless worker in the Lord's vineyard... devoting her life to God all her life, and has reached out to so many people! She will probably only find out in heaven just how many conversions she is responsible for.

Belated Happy Birthday, Mother Angelica! I will remember you in my rosary tonight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mother Angelica,
Was in chapel today and Mother, I saw you so plainly there with me. You had you beautiful smile, there were many other people who were there also, but you were the on who was so very clear to me. I offered my rosary to you and I love you. You book was very good and I am sorry that your life was so complicated, but you made it.

I love you,
Mary Walsh

Anonymous said...

Dear Mother Angelica,
I want to wish you a Happy 86th Birthday. I look forward to watching you on Tuesday evenings; you help me so much; I know they are repeats and I wish you were well enough to speak to us again, but I am grateful for what we have with your sense of humor and how you help us on our journey. God bless you; I will say a rosary for you Mother on this your birthday. P.S. I so enjoyed your biography.

Mary Marsowicz

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