Monday, August 25, 2008

How About This Catholic Candidate for VP?

McCain - Santorum 2008 ???

a much better Pro-Life voting record than Joe Biden's


Dan L. said...

Father T:

Yow!...a very interesting choice, but not a political winner in the wider scheme of things. You and I may admire much of what he stands for, but he was heavily voted out of office, and likely would be very much considered a "hot potato" when it might come to a VP position. He would surely turn heads away, but I think you know that. I, personally, think a wise choice would be Candy Rice, though I know not her whole profile. She would be a stellar boost to get a GOP candidate elected. No, she is not the picture you and I would prefer, as per a Vatican-supporting, life-defending, Eucharist-centered leader, but... this spiritual warfare is bitter, is it not? I do like her demeanor, and I think I would would trust her a lot too.

I am like you, I wish for a pure and stauch defender of our beliefs. Jesus was such a man. Jesus, the Holy Name, He was shoved aside....and then some. We will always have Him to lean on,....but he still leaves us to find our way...through Him.

It is a tough issue, a tough call, that is for sure.

I do not embrace all that is John McCain either, though I admire him and support his candidacy. I like who he is, where he has been, and all that. My Dad was NAVY too, by the way, WWII AND Korea...and he still walks this earth. I will vote for him (McCain), due to my faith, but he is hardly a reflection of all that I hold dear, and in Rome, etc.

Aw shucks, you know what I mean.

What ever happened to Allen Keys? (spelled right?)

We love you dearly, Father,

--Dan L. and family

Unknown said...

Alan Keyes or Sam Brownback would be EXCELLENT options to Rick Santorum. I think Santorum, however, is a better contender who could 'duke it out' in the debates with Biden and be the last one standing. He did get clobbered, however in his bid for re-election when some good intentioned pro-lifers wanted to punish him for backing Arlen Specter. Ironically, they helped someone LESS consistently pro-life take his place (Bob Casey, Jr., who supports the Morning After abortion pill AND federal funding of overseas abortions).

My dad was a Navy veteran of WWII and Korea, too.

Let's just hope Sen. McCain does NOT pick Tom Ridge which would just instigate many pro-lifers to stay home and hand the election to Sen. Obama on a silver platter.

Vincenzo said...


There's an indication that Senator McCain will announce his V.P. pick in Pennsylvania on Friday, though this rumor originates from the Democrat governor Ed Rendell, who also states that it will not be Tom Ridge. (Link)

Lavona said...

What about Condaleesa Rice (apologies for any misspelling)?

Vincenzo said...

I just ordered your "The Everything Bible Book" - looking forward to reading it!

Trubador said...

Alan Keyes lost so badly to Obama in Illinois four years ago that that will never be an option. I love Santorum, and my dream ticket is Bill Bennett/Rick Santorum. But he also lost in his reelection bid two years ago. Plus, Santorum has been very vocal in his dislike of McCain.

To add yet another senator to McCain's ticket would be a bad idea. That would mean all four candidates would be senators (all coming from a legislative body with an approval rating at it's lowest [14%], and even worse than the president's low rating of 28%).

Given that McCain will announce his VP pick on his birthday (8/29) in Ohio, I'm wondering if he might pick former Ohio congressman John Kasich? (Another strong Pro-Lifer.)

Anthony said...

Santorum would be a wonderful choice and a good counter to Bob Casey whose pro-life credentials, (and sadly those of his late father), have now been tainted by his endorsement of such a viruently pro-abortion candidate. The fact that Casey's motivation partially stems from the snubbing his father received from another pro-abortion candidate leaves me scratching my head.

While I'd like to see this ticket I think it's wishful thinking on all of our parts.

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