Friday, August 29, 2008

We may not agree on abortion, but ...

Senator Barak Obama gave an impassioned speech at the Democratic National Convention. The one line that stood out, however, was this line:

We may not agree on abortion, but surely we can agree on reducing the number of
unwanted pregnancies in this country.

At face value, many Americans, including Catholic Christians, will say, "well, its sounds reasonable and not too fanatical." Problem is that there is no middle ground with moral evil. The unjust killing of innocent human life is always grave evil. Abortion and euthanasia are always wrong, evil and immoral. Replace the word abortion with slavery or segregation. Imagine a politician saying "we may not agree on slavery" or "we may not agree on segregation (or apartheid)" BUT ... There is no BUT. Just as there can be no tolerance and no exception for child pornography, likewise, there can be no wiggle room for abortion. Innocent human life is being killed and of the most defenseless of all, the unborn within the womb.

We have some politicians who openly support abortion and profess to be Catholic. We have some religious leaders who refuse to denounce and repudiate such incompatibility. Thanks to some courageous bishops (like Archbishop Burke, Archbishop Chaput, Cardinal Rigali, Cardinal Egan, Bishop Aquila, Archbishop Wuerl, Bishop Zubik and Bishop Sheridan) who plainly reiterated and reaffirmed that politicians who openly support abortion should not go receive Holy Communion. It is sad that we cannot rejoice in having a Catholic Vice Presidential candidate since he staunchly defends Roe v. Wade. He should be defending unborn life instead. He admits that he believes life begins at conception, yet Senator Biden feels compelled to support some arcane notion of 'privacy rights' which is a euphemism for abortion.

It would have been nice when Senator John Kerry ran for office to be proud that we had a Catholic Presidential candidate back in 2004. Sadly, he, too, was pro-choice and not pro-life. Maybe we will see in the near future a devout Catholic candidate for Vice President and President where he or she is also openly PRO-LIFE. I suspect before that happens, however, we will need to convince those Governors, Senators and Congressmen (and Congresswomen) who profess to be a Catholic Christian that their faith is compatible with the Constitution when it defends LIFE rather than making a 'choice'. It is no accident that the Founding Fathers put the word first as our inalienable rights ... "LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Unfortunately, our culture is too influenced by secular humanism and therefore it distorts this notion by perverting and isolating two of the three God given rights. Liberty is perverted into sheer license, i.e., doing whatever I choose. Happiness is distorted into mere pleasure and comfort. Yet, LIFE precedes the other two. The right to life is combined with the right to use my free will and DO WHAT I OUGHT TO DO and that will lead to me finding true HAPPINESS and JOY which transcend pleasure and comfort.


The Zapman said...

What I also found interesting in that quote is the concept of "unwanted pregnancies" being used. What are you going to use to reudce "unwanted pregnancies"? Somehow I think it would be contraception and not chastity — lest it curtail the sexual revolution.

The very concept of an "unwanted pregnancy" is pretty bunk, considering the number of people willing and eager to adopt.

Adrienne said...

I think it is sad that our "Catholic" potential VP is less Catholic than the non-Catholic VP nominee. It brings such public shame on our Church.

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