Tuesday, March 10, 2009

President Gives Doctor Frankenstein Green Light

Peter_Cushing      Frankenstein's_monster_(Boris_Karloff)

Dr. Victor von Frankenstein had no comment yesterday after President Obama signed an executive order reversing the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research. Professor Abraham van Helsing, however, a vocal opponent to Frankenstein's previous experiments, warned reporters yesterday that the green light has now been given to immoral medical research. "Is it not pure evil to create human life in embryonic form merely to harvest physiological research material?  If society would not tolerate the digging up of corpses to harvest body parts to be spliced together in attempts to resuscitate dead people, why would they allow scientists to experiment on human embryos?"  Van Helsing pointed out that it is a more grave evil to intentionally fertilize human eggs with sperm just to produce human embryos as research 'material.'  Dr. Josef Mengele, notorious Nazi and concentration camp physician during WWII, performed numberless experiments on living men, women and children seeking to find a process to turn Jews and Eastern Europeans into becoming members of the perfect Aryan race. Ironically, more data has been established to demonstrate that adult stem cells have more potential for long term, sustained and diversified treatment and cure of many devastating diseases. Embryonic stem cells, which must be taken from living human beings at the embryonic stage, have shown to be unstable and not as promising as previously predicted.  Adult stem cells do not require the death, torture or mutilation of human life as in the case of embryonic stem cell harvesting. Science is not the motivating denominator, rather, politics, since it is the common misconception that embryonic stem cells will easily produce cures for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, as well as many others. Real medical science, however, has shown that adult stem cell research, which is morally permissible, is better science and better medicine since it has a better chance of sustained and diverse success.

Overturning the ban President Bush had imposed has symbolic value of further repudiation of his previous administration but it is not something medical science has deemed as necessary for human survival.  Media coverage, on the other hand, makes it sound as if human beings are doomed unless we experiment on human embryos.  What if science concluded that it would be more advantageous to experiment on older fetuses, say six to nine months in the womb, and not just embryos from the first several weeks of conceived human life?  What if infants and toddlers had the raw material needed?  What happens if the food supply runs short and someone finds a way to commercially produce nutritious substitutes based on synthesizing human cadavers?  Would there not be some in Washington attempting to promote a version of cannibalism if it became politically correct to do so?

While there is no Dr. Frankenstein or Professor van Helsing, there is President Obama who did reverse the federal ban on public funding of embryonic stem cell research.  While the intentions are good (discovery of treatment and cures for horrible diseases), as Saint Paul says in Romans 3:8 and as known by the Natural Moral Law, THE ENDS NEVER JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.   Niccolo Machiavelli and Nazis like Mengele believed the opposite.  Killing innocent human beings in their embryonic stage is nothing less than murder no matter what medical benefits can be obtained from their unjust deaths.  The fact that more medical knowledge and better results can be achieved morally through adult stem cell research has been eclipsed by the radicals who want to keep abortion legal no matter what.

Embryonic stem cell research based on the harvesting and destruction of human embryos is intrinsically evil and immoral and has less scientific promise than the morally preferred method of adult stem cell research.  Yet, if there is any possibility of a profit margin for embryonic production at a commercial level, guess what happens to ethics and morality?  Will not modern scientists and doctors more resemble Victor von Frankenstein whose monster eventually destroyed even his creator?

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