Friday, January 24, 2014

EXTREMIST Governor of NY and his paranoia of those who oppose his positions. Last time I looked, this was a FREE nation with freedom of speech and religious liberty.

 Governor Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo (NY) recently told 'extreme conservatives' to "get out" of New York state. Was he talking about neo-Nazis, fascists, or Jihadist terrorists? No, he clarifies that his concept of extreme conservatism is focused on "right-to-life", "pro-assualt weapon" and "anti-gay." He says these people have no right to live in the Empire state.  First of all, where does the US Constitution state that your beliefs, opinions and ideologies make you ineligible for residence? Do we not have a Bill of Rights that GUARANTEES and DEFENDS the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, religious liberty (freedom of religion) and freedom to bear arms? Where does the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence say we must compromise our views just to live here? Secondly, it is not without irony that this report is made on the civil observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.  One has to consider, would Governor Cuomo listed MLK and civil rights movement as extreme conservatism or extreme liberalism?  Defending the right to life is a civil rights issue as the unborn is a human being. Ending slavery and segregation; recognizing the right to vote and equal rights to people regardless of color, these, too, could be labeled 'extreme' since their adherents peacefully refused to compromise.  Did not the British consider the colonists to be extremists when we demanded our independence?

Another question that arises is about those who defend traditional marriage as being between one man and one woman. Holding that belief does not make you 'anti-gay', it makes you 'pro-traditional family.'  The family is built on marriage, hence married couples need and deserve some recognition and support even when not extended to those who are single. Marriage is rooted in the Judaeo-Christian tradition and natural moral law as a permanent and faithful commitment of one man and one woman to live as husband and wife.  Two men or two women, three ladies and one man, and any other combination may be a voluntary association but is not marriage. Is that extreme? Does defending the right of a human being from being unjustly killed in the womb extreme?  Is putting an end to racial discrimination and racial segregation extreme?  If yes, then these 'extremists' must be tolerated nevertheless because they are CONSTITUTIONAL and they are MORALLY RIGHT.

Finally, rather than expelling and deporting your political opponents, the governor would better serve the people of New York state if he worked for the COMMON GOOD of all citizens.  His 'extreme' behavior in that he supports abortion conflicts with his Catholic faith. He NEEDS to sit down and have a serious talk with his pastor or with his bishop and amend his radical positions. Bad enough when Catholic politicians proclaim their 'pro-choice' stand, worse is when they boldly repudiate and excoriate those who are 'pro-life.'  Governor Cuomo cannot wash his hands as did Pontius Pilate, the governor of Judaea . One is either pro-life or pro-abortion just as you must choose to be either a racist or to be anti-racist; to be anti-Semitic or not to be.  Prejudice and injustice have no middle ground. 

This is not a political debate between republicans, democrats, independents, libertarians or tea party folk.  It is a MORAL issue and a battle between RIGHT AND WRONG.  Just as Dr. King had to peacefully oppose unjust laws that promoted racism, so, too, people of good faith and loyal Americans need to work to undo the injustice of Roe v. Wade. Human beings have rights regardless of the color of their skin and regardless of their geographical location (inside or outside the womb). 

If anyone needs to leave the state it is those who espouse these extremist views on who they deem to be extremist. The Nazis and Soviets did the same trick and labeled their opponents as being enemies of the state, traitors, promoters of treason, etc., merely for speaking out against injustice and speaking for those being victimized by the government.  They got rid of their 'problem' by getting rid of those who disagreed with their extreme positions. Let's get rid of the nonsense and rhetoric and get serious about demanding that our politicians defend, protect and work for ALL citizens, especially human rights, like the most foundational and fundamental, the RIGHT TO LIFE. 

Fr. John Trigilio, Jr.
President, CCC

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