Friday, April 15, 2011

Thanks Grazie Dziękuję Danke Merci Gracias

Thanks to all of you who in the charity of your prayers have been remembering Dave. He is out of the hospital and is Deo volente going to have the tube removed from his lung Saturday. He is feeling better and is seeing specialists in Washington, DC.  Please continue to pray for him, his lovely young wife and their gorgeous baby girl.

I also ask for your prayers for a SPECIAL INTENTION which (at this time) cannot be elaborated but suffice it say, is nevertheless important (at least to me, that is). Of course, we always pray that God's Will be manifested and then accepted and totally embraced by ourselves, but there is also the mystery of intercessory and petitionary prayer. Anyway, if you can spare an extra Ave Maria or Pater Noster, I would greatly appreciate it, too.  God bless you and Mary keep you.

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, Pray for Us.
(soon to be) Blessed John Paul II, Pray for Us

Father John Trigilio, Jr.

Blessed John Paul II we love you

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