Sunday, March 03, 2013

Papal Wish List

Rather than opining on WHO should be elected the next Supreme Roman Pontiff (in terms of which person), it is more beneficial for us to ask the College of Cardinals to consider certain QUALITIES when they deliberate on their choice. Obviously, a practical concern should be the general health of the individual. It would be prudent to elect a pope who is in good health (whether young or old). Stress of the job can exacerbate already present health issues. Even more crucial, however, is CONTINUITY. We had wonderful continuity between JP2 and B16 in their theology. Holy Mother Church needs that stability. Hence, a Pope who will CONTINUE the work, direction and spirit of these giants will be of enormous importance. Pope Benedict has done tremendous good in restoring the sense of the sacred to Catholic worship. It would be catastrophic if we go backward to the days of liturgical innovation, abuse, and pedestrian if not banal liturgies. LEX ORANDI, LEX CREDENDI. We need orthodox doctrine and reverent worship. I know there will be a push for someone appealing to the youth. Ironically, the secular press was convinced that B16 would never rival JP2 for WYD. Nevertheless, MILLIONS attended World Youth Day presided over by an octogenarian celibate. Different personas yet similar philosophy. Young people do not want to be pandered, they want and deserve AUTHENTICITY. They got both from JP2 and B16. Lastly, it would be nice to have someone who had pastoral experience (actual parish ministry) as well as administrative experience. Popes are shepherd and pastors. They govern and they care for the flock. WHO best fills these requirements? Only the College of Cardinals know or have a clue. But we need to pray that they choose WISELY and PRUDENTLY.

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