Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Feast Day to Our British Brethren Across the Atlantic


Today is the Feast of Saint George, the Dragon-Slayer and Patron Saint of England.  A very happy salutations to our Catholic friends in the U.K. especially to Father Nicholas Schofield (Roman Miscellany) and Father Tim Finigan (Hermeneutic of Continuity). In honor of this auspicious occasion, I am going to have some fish & chips for lunch and a nice glass of Pimm's & Lemonade along with a good scone at tea-time.  Cheers! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Extraordinary Form in Commonwealth Capital City

Solemn High Mass Extraordinary Form in Harrisburg, PA with seminarians from
Mt. St. Mary's, Emmitsburg, MD

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We Will Be Keeping An Eye On You

Secretary for Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, considers ANTI-ABORTION (alias, PRO-LIFE) supporters to be part of a nefarious RIGHT-WING EXTREMISM that often promotes and proliferates acts of violence and terrorism. The recent report does not single out isolated cases of an independent fringe element, rather, it paints with a large brush any and all who defend the lives of the unborn as possible terrorists. Since the Catholic Church officially and openly opposes abortion, it must mean that all one billion global members and 67 million local (of the 300 million people that live in the USA) Catholics need constant surveilance lest one of us commits treason.

How sad that 23% of the nation is treated with such disrespect and disdain. We pay our taxes, we vote, we run for office, we serve in the military (and BTW, she also identified VETERANS as another possible source of militant violence and mayhem). Catholic Americans are as patriotic as Protestant Americans, Eastern Orthodox Americans, Jewish Americans, et al. Our adherence to the Natural Moral Law does not make us right-wing terrorists. Defending the unborn is as American as the abolitionist who defended the rights of slaves to be freed and be treated as equal human beings. Violence is not part of the pro-life modus operandi. Is it not ironic that NO MENTION is made of radical Islamo-fascists? While most Muslims are law-abiding patriotic citizens, there is a vocal minority of radicals who distort the Koran and use it to promote violence. The same happened in Northern Ireland, in Palestine and all over the world. A few extremists do not discredit the overwhelming majority of good people who repudiate such terrorism. Why the conspicuous absence of listing LEFT-WING terrorists? Remember the infamous RED BRIGADE in Italy or GRAPO in Spain? Both were Communist terrorist organizations.
Secretary Napolitano owes Pro-Life, Catholic and Veterans' groups an apology for throwing suspicion on the majority just because of a very few isolated cases of even then borderline associations with certain violent individuals. Sounds like some in the current administration want to imitate the tactics of the old former Soviet Union in which the KGB kept files and tabs on 'right-wing' groups (basically anyone supporting a democratic-republic, human rights, free elections, free market, religious freedom, etc.) Cardinals, bishops, priests, deacons, seminarians, and nuns were watched and followed. Time and money were spent SPYING on citizens whose only crime was the public espousal of LIBERTY. Communists on mainland China routinely spy and often incarcerate Catholic clergy who are loyal to the Roman Pontiff while the schismatic Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church is infiltrated with secret agents. Peking uses their MSS (Ministry of State Security) to spy on the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhist monks. Our FBI and CIA would not cooperate in such a miscarriage and travesty of justice, however, a newly created intelligence agency specifically created to monitor 'right-wing', 'pro-life and anti-abortion' organizations might be just around the corner if free citizens do not remain vigilant.
Pro-Lifers want to defend the innocent lives of the unborn and the terminally ill by eliminating the INJUSTICE of abortion and euthanasia. They seek this through PEACEFUL, NON-VIOLENT means.

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