Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Catholic Clergy Ponder Papal Resignation

Catholic Clergy Ponder Papal Resignation
Source: Confraternity of Catholic Clergy
Dated: Feb. 13, 2013

repudiating conspiracy theories, these Catholic priests & deacons take Pope B16's reasons for hisresignation at face value, i.e., he is doing it FOR THE GOOD OF THE CHURCH and because of ill health.  PERIOD.

The more than 500 priests and deacons of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy express our profound respect, admiration and filial love for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI as with great sadness we learn of his abdication from the Chair of Saint Peter at the end of this month. Father John Trigilio, President of the Confraternity, said: “Pope Benedict has been a bridge of continuity after the long and wonderful papacy of Pope John Paul the Great. He has also been a beacon of hope for orthodoxy of thought and for reverence in divine worship. We clergy are particularly grateful for his paternal love, example and piety as pope, bishop and priest. Viva il Papa” The CCC rejects any and all claims or allegations that there are ulterior motives for the Holy Father's decision.

A national association of priests and deacons dedicated to promoting ongoing spiritual, theological and pastoral formation in a fraternal setting, the CCC in the United States has fellow Confraternities of Catholic Clergy in Australia, Ireland and in Great Britain. There was an international gathering of all three in Rome in 2010 where priests and deacons of this association attended the papal Mass on Epiphany. Another gathering is planned every five years with the next one taking place in 2015.

Mr. Thomas J. McKenna, Executive Director of the CCC, expressed his thoughts on the Pope’s
resignation. “We are all painfully aware of His Holiness’ declining health and while his resignation
saddens us, his brave decision to surrender the keys of St. Peter for the good of Holy Mother Church is further witness of this great man’s wisdom and humility. As a true father, the Holy Father places the needs of his spiritual children first. That is why he feels his physical limitations prevent him from fully providing what his sons and daughters need.” 

Fr. Trigilio is asking all the members of the CCC to offer special prayers of support for Pope Benedict as he prepares for his official relinquishment of papal authority on February 28th.

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