Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feast of the Holy Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel


Holy Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel

Unlike the naked cherubs floating as bodiless heads with wings, real Angels are powerful, beautiful, intelligent beings who are metaphysically superior to us humans. They are more agile (having no physical bodies) and much more powerful and certainly more intelligent (having infused rather than acquired knowledge) than we are. Their rivals are the fallen angels now living in hell and who go by the name of devils or demons. So we human beings should be in awe of these lofty creatures. At the same time, we surpassed them in glory ever since the Incarnation when God the Son took on a human nature. Ever since then, divinity and humanity have been united in one divine Person. Angelic nature has not been so blessed. Metaphysically, angels surpass men and women but spiritually, because of the God-Man Jesus Christ, humans have become the adopted children of God being able to call Jesus our brother and being able to pray to God "our Father". Angels must look upon Christ as their sovereign King whereas we see our brother and Savior. His Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, is our adopted mother, too, while angels can only relate to her as the Queen Mother. This special relationship human nature has with divinity is why Satan, a fallen angel, hates us so much. We have been elevated higher than angelic nature could ever achieve on its own. The Devil's pride just cannot stomach it, so he reviles and loathes us. We should never take that position of honor for granted, however. It came at a high price. Our brother, Jesus Christ, died for us and shed His blood to ransom and redeem us.

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