Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Father Trigilio takes on 'U.S. Catholic'; Father Pfleger's church of the bizarre

Father Trigilio takes on 'U.S. Catholic'; Father Pfleger's church of the bizarre

Fr. Z said it best when he commented on Summorum Pontificum that the gravitational force of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite will influence the Ordinary Form. In other words, the great reverence and elegance of the TLM can and ought to be an integral part of the celebration of the Novus Ordo (as originally intended by the Council Fathers).

He rightly points out the genius of Pope B16 to allow both the old and the new (extraordinary and ordinary) to mutually enhance each other and together provide for the spiritual needs of the faithful. Rather than being a contest, it is the principle of the Catholic "et ... et" (BOTH ... AND). The secular world embraces the dualistic heresy of the "aut ... aut" (EITHER ... OR). Catholicism has the fullness of grace (all seven sacraments) and the fullness of truth (Divine Revelation as found in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition).


Unknown said...

Thank you, father for your straightforward and honest article. I agree how we pray and worship does influence what we believe and how we behave. I also believe once people realize that Mass is about Our Lord and not about us, things will change for the better again.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Very good Father! "Going up the altar of God is still the cornerstone of Catholic worship, whether English or Latin, ordinary or extraordinary form."

I love the Catholic Mass, in a real Catholic church--with stained glass windows--that enclose one off to the world so we can transcend into Heaven.

Father Pfleger is bizarre! And perhsps it's time he went back to Catechism class, I teach 3rd grade--perhaps he could start there.

Anonymous said...

Why is it, Father, that traditionals are excommunicated and priests like this are left alone to infect the Church?


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering the same, Veronica. Good point!


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