Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Departing Catholic University president turned school around but sowed divisions, some say

Departing Catholic University president turned school around but sowed divisions, some say

The Washington Post (like their northern cousin, the NYT) likes to make ad hominem and non sequitur arguments. Since many schools no longer teach Aristotlean Logic, it is no wonder that more readers don't rebuke the paper for making these fallacies.

Bishop Elect David O'Connell, CM, is a friend of mine and my former canon law professor. He was the best thing Catholic University ever had. As President of the college, he restored Catholicism to its rightful place of honor. He is 100% orthodox and expected the same from his department of theology. He required the mandatum and had professors take the oath of fidelity. The fact that he was not popular to EVERYONE is a good sign since only a sychophant tells everybody what they want to hear. Dave O'Connell told people what they NEEDED to hear. Under his adminstration, a huge increase of vocations to the priesthood and religious life came about after graduation. During his tenure, Eucharistic Holy Hours were held on campus and students actually attended them, willingly and often. He made a few enemies and some opponents but they were the ones who espouse heterodoxy, dissent and contrary moral behavior. The Diocese of Trenton is BLESSED to have him as their coadjutor. And there is also the pastoral, priestly side of Bishop-Elect O'Connell, as well. He was, is, and always will be first and foremost a PRIEST. Administrator, Scholar, Teacher, Co-worker, Leader, Friend ... but most of all, an ordained priest and soon to be Bishop. He will shepherd the Diocese like he did CUA. With TRUTH and CHARITY. ad multos annos. ecce sacerdos magnus.


Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS POPE BENEDICT XVI. He is making some terrific appointments of bishops. It is too bad that some sneak under the wire, so to speak. Some of these guys are just 'well connected' or the favorite son of the local archbishop. For me, it does not matter if the priest went to NAC in Rome for seminary or if he worked in the Chancery or Tribunal or Seminary. We need more parish oriented bishops who can get the job done and do it with compassion and charity and yet be firm when need be. Too many bureaucrats and middle management boys got miters over the years and they are the ones who dropped the ball on the sex scandal while burying their heads in the sand when it came to reprimanding so-called Catholic politicians who promoted abortion. Suave and slick we DON'T want. Orthodox, strong, manly and holy bishops, YES.

Elizabeth said...

As a child of the Diocese of Trenton, I have PRAYED for such a shepherd. I pray for his long life and tenure. I live in Pa now, but I go to the Cathedral in Trenton for Mass regularly. Praise God and Praise Pope Benedict!

tuleesh said...

Yeeeeeeee Haaaaw!

If Leftists define "division" as being loyal to Our Lord and Saviour, then keep up the "division."

Let's move along. It's another Leftist-created kerfuffle. Nothing to see here...

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